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Project versions

  • 1 Differences by openthings

    Added Rhinoceros 3D model. Only need to add the hole for the charger in the model. I will add a picture to the description.

    • Added file stash_3d_model.3dm to the repository

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  • 10 Differences by openthings

    • Added file to the repository
    • Added file CNCstash.dwg to the repository
    • Added file CNCstash.dxf to the repository
    • Added file CNCstash.epf to the repository
    • Added file FrontNew.dwg to the repository
    • Added file Logo.dwg to the repository
    • Added file PhonePocket.dwg to the repository
    • Added file to the repository
    • Added file to the repository
    • Added file to the repository

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Rating: 4.00

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  • Can you upload the design files?

    Is it possible for you to upload the design files? This way I also can see how to improve the production process.

  • Whatttt

    @Martin Risseeuw What do you mean exactly? The project files are uploaded. From the Illustrator blueprint to the CNC files

  • Design help

    I am working on a Rhino 3D model right now. This way it's also easier to figure out the milling process.

  • Design help

    @Fablab Amsterdam Nice to hear :) Good luck

This project is looking for some skilled people


Stash your pocket things in this thing

download latest version

Detailed description

“A product designed so you never forget where you put those pocket essentials. One housing for your wallet, keys and iPhone (4&5). Made out of Beech wood, milled and hand finished.”
More pics here:

This was my first industrial design product.
The production process wasn’t optimal

Make it yourself, create one for the iPhone 6 or whatever phone you have, improve the milling drawings and process.

The spec drawings were in AI, milling files are DWG & NC files.

Update 13-05-2015

Added a Rhinoceros 3D model to the repository. Only the charger hole needs to be added.

Next step:

Make parametric so it can be designed for different phones.

Attribution 4.0 International

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