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  • Great project and CAD design website

    Hi Jeroen, Really cool project to see! It's great to see the custom CAD modification! I certainly will tell some people about it! :)

  • 17track

    nice one <a href="">17track</a>

This project is looking for some skilled people

Tripp Trapp Tray

The missing table table tray for the tripp trapp high chair.

Detailed description

Everybody probably knows the tripp trapp, Stokke’s iconic child chair, which is supposed to get adapted as the child grows. As we’ve now our first child (Arno) and our first tripp trapp we’re missing a table top for the chair. The chair doesn’t fit under the table, and the child’s finger may get squeezed between the table and the plastic bar.

The idea is to create (Out of sheets of plywood) two supporters which are placed over the chair’s bended back bars. The holes in the supporter are fit for the pens of the table tray. And if we carefully choose the measurement we can also position the tray in different positions so the tray can grow with Arno, like the chair does. Easy enough.

As I host my own online cad website, dedicated to scripting design files, I started scripting. The finished script can generate svg (for viewing in an browser) and dxf (for the CNC router).
Materials used: 12 mm plywood finished. 4mm milling bit (brought my own).
The outcome is more than satisfactory: a perfect fit, a happy Arno and an extensible table top. Improvements: the thickness of the gutter for the backbars could have been 1mm less.

The template for the tripp trapp tray is ready for customisation and download in DXF format at (":

Attribution 3.0 Unported

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