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Press release

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” – Abraham Maslow

This is the main focus of the new internet platform, Openthings. Openthings just might change the way we think about sharing and consuming. Bottom line, access is more important than ownership.

With the arrival of digital fabrication and the increasing use of it, the way we share objects changes. The same way as Napster changed the way society shares their music.

The Openthings platform focuses on the urge of people to feel useful and helps people to transform from consumers to prosumers. A prosumer is a productive consumer, a prosumer stands above a consumer. Prosuming helps a person to reach satisfaction through self-actualisation and of course we all want to have our satisfaction. This is why Openthings targets on collaborative development of projects.

Openthings wants to reach this goal of prosuming together by the open design principal. On Openthings there are no private projects. Everything is open and available to everyone. It’s not just about reproducing existing open designs, but—most importantly—about improving them (prosuming). Are you designing a table, but are you stuck with it? Post it on Openthings and other people can prosume your project. As other people prosume your project, the project becomes richer, making possibilities endless.

Because access is more important than ownership, Openthings is using the Creative Commons. The initiator of a project is able to license their work, so no one can try to take ownership of the project. In the end, access is more important than ownership.

The objective of Openthings is to become a platform with lots of great projects bundled together. This way people can take a step forward towards becoming prosumers, and consequently a happier society.